Purslane’s scientific name is Portulaca oleracea. This one is interesting because it can be seen as an invasive weed or something great to eat. It is native to India and Persia and has spread to many places around the world. In some cases it spread by accident, but other times it was spread on purpose […]

Lesser Celandine

Another invasive weed that is difficult to control is Lesser Celandine. It is native to Europe and West Asia and is in the buttercup family. Wish they had kept it to themselves. It does have a pretty little yellow flower, but it gets into everything. Due to the fact that people used it to treat hemorrhoids, […]

Morning Glory – Bindweed

There are two plants that look very much alike, morning glory and bindweed. Bindweed, as the name implies, is a weed. Morning glory is considered by some to be a beautiful plant that is worth propagating. To others it is a weed to be gotten rid of. Morning Glory If the flower is a beautiful […]

Wild Geranium

Wild Geranium This is an obnoxious plant. It is a relative of the ornamental geranium but is the sibling that misbehaves. Once you get it in the garden, it is very difficult to get rid of. It is also known as Carolina Geranium and as cransesbill and officially as Geranium carolinianum. The leaves are kind […]

Weeds with Shooting Seeds

Hairy Bittercress Bane of my existence. At least one of them when it comes to gardening. This one is called Hairy Bittercress or Shotweed. Formally, Cardamine hirsuta. I have a love hate relationship with them. Why love? Well, I was a biology major and I am really impressed by their evolutionary adaptation. They start growing […]

Quitting Weed Welcome Wagon

Welcome into a family of those who have quit and those who are quitting dealing with weeds. Please use Quitting Weed as a resource to help you quit or maintain your garden. We will explain further in future posts about the easiest ways to win over weeds, so you can quit weeding. Hope you like […]